I Love Your Smile

Yesterday was one of those days. What seemed to be every few minutes, I just had to take a quick glance of the latest favorite pic of Mr. T.  I mean, just look at that smile!!  I love it  :)

These random days still surprise me.  What is about a certain day that I just can't get my mind off the little guy?  It reminds me of when I first went back to work from maternity leave.  Between missing Mr. T like crazy, calling daycare and grandparents to check in on him every hour, and then attempting to make pumping as a career mom work...those days were long and exhausting.  

So yes, even as he's 16 months, it is days like these that I will be that mom that looks at my own blog over and over just to see more pics of my little man.  Because seriously....I just love that smile!

*Queue in the 90's music:


  1. what a cutie.

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