Confessions of the Week

1.  You know what I am so sick of??  The group date - especially the ones where they all film some stupid scenes, have a "party" on top of a building with a pool, too much booze, and lots of crying.  Come on ABC, try something different. these girls ever get to listen to music?  These parties are lame without a Katastic playlist! 

2.  I could marry Emily myself.  Seriously that girl is perfect.  Her story is so heart touching and she is just so darn caring.  I will NOT ruin this season with anything Reality Steve, but I am hoping this gal makes it all the way. 

3.  Modern Family just gets better and better.  I freaking love this show.  This week's episode of the kids walking in on their parents was to die for. 

4.  I watched Off the Map this week and I think it is going to be added to the DVR list.  Anyone else?

5.  I just watched the Tebow Special...again, while having the house to myself tonight.  Thanks ESPN for replaying it JUST for ME.

6.  I was so bitter at Gator Guy for drinking my extra bitter IPA.  But he just made my night by taking time out of the hockey game to text me that my beloved IPA is in the basement.  Love you Gator Guy.  Love love love you IPA (and your 9% alcohol).  "Not your typical statistic, are ya?"  That's what the guy at the liquor store said to me when I quizzed him on what his favorite IPA is. 

7.  I loved the dresses at the Golden Globes this year.  Mostly because I think I need an excuse to dress like a princess.  But I think it's a new trend to step it up and make it more of a glam event. 

8.  Some of the dresses were just Oh-So-Bad.  These celebrities know that everyone is judging.  Do they really look in the mirror and think, damn I look good.  I am SO making the best dressed list. 

9.  I cried (twice) in the last two episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  Way to bring the waterworks.  Even though this is a show that normally makes me laugh, Marshall's dad just passed away and Its a huge tearjerker. 

10. Listening to the tennis grunts at the Australian open makes me uncomfortable.  I pop on the Open, get on my computer, don't pay attention, and then feel awkward that I am suddenly watching something inappropriate.  I get that it can be intense, but why aren't other athletes grunting and Ohhing out on the field.  Does it happen with the hail mary?  What about while dunking on the court?  Or hitting a home run.  Just not hearing why with tennis?!?


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