Must See Monday Night

Monday nights are BACK!!!  YES.  It is so hard to go back to work on a Monday after such fun weekends, and there is really only one thing that keeps me excited about the start of a new week.  

Must See Monday Nights.  Warning - this proves even more that I am a 14 year old at heart.  

1.  The Bachelor - Oh Yummy Brad.  You may talk slow as hell and can't seem to make up your mind, but I am Oh-So-Excited to watch you on Happy Bachelor Mondays. 
2.  How I Met Your Mother - Love love love this show.  I want to hang out with them. 

3.  Pretty Little Liars - Mystery??  high school romance??  Cheesiness??  What more could I ask for!  (Totally makes me 14 at heart)

4.  Greek - This is totally me trying to relive my college years.  That's all.  (Tally it up...14 at heart)

5.  Rules of Engagement - I know, you see David Spade and want to run the other direction.  But don't let that fool you.  This one really is funny.  One of Gator Guy's favorites. 

6.  Gossip Girl - They are not blasting out the new episodes yet, but I have to say, if you haven't seen this one, it is definitely worth checking out.  You will soon just love Blair and Serena's style and Chuck's squinty-constipated looks.  And Heeeelllllooooo Chace Crawford!

How does my DVR even handle all of this madness?!?


  1. Can't FREAKING WAIT to see how fine Brad looks this season! Wooooo hoooooo!

  2. I used to see Brad around Austin ALLLLL the time. He's a douche lord. I love the Bachelor though and Pretty little liars! Only other shows I watch are Greys, Glee, and Trueblood

  3. Had to get me sucked back in, didn't you? :) Sad news ... crazy Madison with her vampire teeth is from CO!

  4. Love The Bachelor!! And yes, he talks WAY too slow.

  5. Brad is a stud and has some hot chicks on there. Some. The vampire chick is wacked and Chantel and Emily are the deal

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