Have we forgotten about the fangs???

This week on bach....two girls hate each other, drink way too much at the cocktail party, cry, make fools out of themselves, cry, get eliminated, and cry.   LAME.  We have seen then again and again.  And what worries me the most about this week's episode is we did not see anything about Madison's crazy fangs.
Seriously.  The Girl Has Fangs!!!  And she just received her 2ND rose!  There is something so incredibly wrong and there must be a secret episode out there that shows it's a joke that everyone is in on.  Because seriously...The Girl Has Fangs!!

But let's just remind ourselves of this season's sweetheart...Emily. (Who I must admit, I TOTALLY judged the barbie book by its cover and thought she was going to be so darn fake.)  Boy was a wrong.  I just love this gal!  Go Emily!!!


  1. I agree- too much crying last night. And what about birthday girl? Did you know it was her birthday? She turned 30. On her birthday. Happy Birthday.

  2. The bday girl is nuts. I dont care if your nasty ass is 30 or 40. You are a nutjob and the 2 girls fighting, whatever. Brad has some Fugly chicks this season.

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