Na Na Na Na....Hey Hey Hey...Goodbye

It's about freaking time.  Seriously Brad, why did you take so long to kick this one to the curb?  Oh that's right...because you had a season full of fillers.  (Fillers are girls like Britt that are just there because ABC says you have to have a certain amount of girls.  Fillers.)  

So thank you Brad.  I am so glad to see Michelle and her drawn in eyebrows and crazy games hit the road. 

Ready....cue in the Jam:


  1. I really do think she was there for the ratings. Now, I'm hoping Chantal O. is the next to go because that girl drives me bonkers!!

  2. So glad to see her go too!! Did you see that story on her in some trashy gossip mag (that I read of course) about her and the Utah Jazz player?!

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