Now it's Mommy

It's official.  My little baby isn't a baby any more.  I know he's been a toddler for some time now and he will celebrate his 2nd birthday in a matter of weeks.  But yesterday he called me Mommy and it just broke my heart.  To him, I was always Mama.  And every time he said Mama, it just melted my heart.  (Even when it was repeated over and over and over and over.)

Why is this such a heartbreaker??  Because Mommy is just one step closer to Mom.  And then closer to Mother.  And then he will soon be a teenager and calling me by my real name or what ever word comes to mind, or maybe even nothing at all.  Whoa....slow down time.  Please!!!  Because I just can't handle my little baby to grow up so fast!!!


  1. Those milestones are difficult. I went from Mama, to mommy, to mom, to hey...Hey, my name is hey....

  2. Lily has started calling me just Mom and I hate it!

  3. Mine call me

    "MOM,MA,ma,MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM,Ma,MA,Hey Lady!!!!,Mum,Mommy,mummy,mamamummum..."

    Seriously, in a few years you'd wish you could change your name. :)

  4. 2 years?!?! Seriously, he's going to be 2??? He's so adorable. And 'Mommy' is still so sweet to hear.

  5. Ahhh cute post!! he will always be your baby!


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