Learn How to Park

Today I got to my car to find this:

And as this poor person was probably enraged while searching for a piece of paper and pen to write such a beautifully scripted message... I simply looked at this note....and laughed...out loud.  

The best part...I am not alone.  Here's a note that was left on Gator Guy's car this summer.  We are a match made in heaven.  Perhaps we should start a collection. 


  1. Oh my gosh! People used to leave me notes on my car when we lived in an apartment. I think you should leave your name and apartment number if you are going to leave a note. Anon notes are lame!

  2. some people children...

  3. How bad did you park? Yikes! That's brutal...After careful handwriting analysis, I have come to the conclusion that it is the same jerk leaving the messages. ;)

  4. Yikes! At least Gator Guy's note said "thanks." Where's your love?? ;)

  5. Gotta be honest here... now the lady canvasing the parking lot with flyers for "Mikes Pizza" doesn't seem so bad. :)

  6. LOL. Well, honestly...I didn't think that I parked THAT bad. I'm a follow-the-rules-kind-of-girl and I knew it was close, but never thought twice about it being inconsiderate! Ha...again, if I can help that person alleviate some aggression, then I'm glad they had a pen and paper to do so ;)

  7. Do you guys want me to teach Ty how to park in 14 years? I'll do it.

  8. wow, who thinks to leave a note... haha! too funny!!



  9. I think I would have gotten a good laugh out of that as well! I've been annoyed by some park jobs before but never enough to take the time to search for a pen and paper... too funny what some people will do to get their feelings out!

  10. That is soooooo funny. You are lucky someone didnt mess with your cars. Here in Atl, a person will jack your ride if you park crazy.

    You must park like Tebow throws..

    ....all crooked and what not

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