Pure Randomness

I love music.  ALL kinds of music.  And I had to laugh a little as I looked at the new Jams that I just downloaded on iTunes.  Helllooooo Randomness!!  Oh how I LOVE you!!! 

So check out the new Jams that I will be Jammin out to.  I go through phases where I will listen to some of my new Jams over and over.  Dance around the house when no one is looking.  Perhaps jump up on the bed.  Anyone else?? 

What are you listening to now??  I will be ecstatic if we have some overlap!

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  1. You know speaking of music, Mr Dumbass (ME) left my mp3 player in my gym shorts and it got an awesome wash. No more music and I somehow deleted all of my music on my laptop so way over 1000 song


  2. I am a new follower from the blog hop! I would love it if you stopped by sometime!


  3. I think Cee Lo's F*** you is still one of my favorite songs!! I have a very wide range of music as well!!



  4. I love Mumford & Sons. My favorite song is The Cave. Love, love it!

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