Deep Freeze

I normally hate listening to "summer music" in the winter months.  You know....the jams like Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, CCR, or Colbie Caillat....Those are all meant for BBQing in the back yard or sipping margs on the beach.  But as the nation is in a deep freeze and it was a fridgid -18 degrees as I drove to work today, I gladly welcome a song like this one to dream about the beach and warm weather.  Thanks Mr. A-Z for the warms thoughts.


  1. I really love his music. Summer music just warms the soul.

  2. Anything to make it seem warmer at this point!!

  3. I've not heard this version... LOVE it! As for myself, I'm breaking out the Toby Keith, garth, and Kids Bop...

    lord help me, I need to expand my music library. :)

  4. Your awesome question was answered and something funny.. I was playing the Beach Boys in the kitchen last week or so when it was so cold here in Atl. My C2 took the cd and hid it from me and decided to laugh at me about it. I finally found it

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