Red Nails Make Me Fancy

My Dearest E and I got manicures today. This is the first time ever I have painted my nails a color.  Seriously.  How sad is that??  The only other times I have done anything was back in the day with fake french tip nails for prom and my wedding day. Quite sad for a woman my age, huh? 

I think I look fancy. 

And I think even red nails can make my beer look fancy too!  Cheers.


  1. I lean more toward red toes than fingers. It just chips off my fingers too fast. But it's winter, an no one can see them, so wear those red finger nails well...

  2. We are so fancy!!

  3. Let's paint the town red with our red nails! I love painting my nails red or in a fun watermelon pink shade. =)

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