You are Braver Than You Believe

I printed this message to give to a bunch of my students tomorrow.  This was a tough week.  At school, we had to announce to our classes that a student had passed on Monday night.  And in a very tragic way.  I have only been here for just a little bit and I did not know that particular student.  However, seeing my students in complete shock, complete sadness, and through the process of mourning has been difficult.  I had a test scheduled for this day.  And I still administered it.  I of course said that if they were not ready or in the right mind to take it, to definitely reschedule for another day.  But as we started, I all of a sudden saw a handful of students crying.  Sobbing.  I of course told them to stop taking the test,  gave a quick hug in the hall and headed them to the library where they had set up a huge counseling center.  

That was tough.  What is the right balance?  Should I have canceled the test?  Continue with the plan? I am not sure.  I didn't know what other teachers were doing.  Would it be too much if we all cancelled  plans and talked about the situation?  I'm not sure. To be honest, I didn't have anything else planned and didn't want to move to the next unit.  The test was already a day late due to the snow day and I know some just wanted to be done with it.  I still continued yesterday's lecture with the 1950's wearing my pink ladies jacket and pointed frame glasses.  We listened to 1950's Rock 'n' Roll today while analyzing the lyrics and cultural impact.  I know some of them were not ready for the dancing and laughter.  Some definitely were ready.  What is the right balance??

Either way, it has been a tough week.  The students, teachers, and community are all coming around.  Their support for each other here is amazing.

I am not sure what the students will think of my quote handout.  I actually found that saying last week after my dear dear friend lost her father.  She is strong, brave, and smart.  She is amazing.  But at a time like that, I just wanted to make sure she remembers that.  I think we can all use that reminder when times are tough. 


  1. I bet they love that you gave those to them, speaking from experience. I am sorry that you had to go through this and hope that you and the students are starting to heal. Love you more than you know! ~ AM

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