Truly Inspired: SaraStrong

Obviously being a blogger, I love reading other blogs.  I love being invited into someone else's life and living vicariously through my e-Friends.  I look to them for advice about motherhood & friendship, tips on the latest crafts & fashion, gossip about Hollywood, and just a time for a good laugh.  

But last week I reconnected with my friend Jon and he shared with me his brother's story and blog.  And I must say, that it has truly changed my outlook on life.  The Sullivan's blog is about their journey and heartbreak through cancer diagnosis, pregnancy, the birth of their beautiful daughter, and the death of an amazing wife & mother.  Ever since I finished reading word for word last week (and shedding many tears), I not only realized that this family is so loved, but I realized again how important the love and support of family is in all of our lives. I also realized that there is a reason their story is out there.  As the blog tells their story, I also began to read the hundreds and hundreds of comments on each post.  Sara, Brady, and Chloe have inspired so many people that it really is uplifting to read.  After everything that this family went through, they still remained positive, kept their faith, and continued to share their love.  I can't tell you enough how uplifting this story is and I encourage all of you to read their blog (with a box of Kleenex in hand).  

Also, PLEASE visit the Susan G. Komen Dallas County website and donate to the Sara Strong Foundation


  1. Their story inspired me and changed my life. I hope everyone takes the time to read this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this blog!

  3. Hello lady! I'm Mo's friend from college and I adore your blog! Hilarious! Anyway I went to this blog and just spent the last hour crying into a box of kleenex. WOW! Thank you for sharing- I pass it on!

    :) Kitty

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