Must Have for the Babe: Months 9-12

1.  Ritz Crackers - Mr. T. loves puttin on his Ritz...a definite must have at home, in the diaper bag, and at Grandmas.

2.  Night Time Diapers - So we got to the point that Mr. T was leaking through every night.  Reminded us of the beginning days of endless laundry.  So instead, we upped it with the special night time like a charm. 

3.  Ball Popper Toy - Seriously, this toy is so much fun for everyone!!

4.  Long Sleeved White Onesies - I absolutely love having just plain white onesies.  But during the winter, I wanted Mr. T. to still wear the short sleeved T's that he was quickly out growing.  So throw them on top of a white onesies, and you've got yourself one stylin' little boy!

5.  Refrigerator Toy - This one is absolutely great!  Sings a little song once a match is made, and even when you make a "Horse-Pig"...That's Silly.

6.  Books, Books, Books - I want Mr. T. to just be Oh So Smart.  Can never have enough books! 


  1. Looks like your boy is actually posing in that photograph. he is like a little Model baby!

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