The Big ONE

I was a little nervous about throwing my first 1st Birthday Party.  I'm not going to lie, Gator Guy and I can throw a mean Ugly Christmas Sweater Party or beer pong tourney in the burbs.  And I have learned from the Best-Mom-in-the-World about the traditions of the Family birthday and just how important it is to think about everyone.  But a First Birthday Party was new.  And something that I only get ONE chance at. 
Must Haves for the Party:
1.  Balls - Lots and Lots of balls.  Mr. T is so excited about any kind of ball at the moment that we thought it was just perfect for a sports themed party for our little Champ. 
2.  Timing - I love parties where people feel they can hang out all day.  But a First Birthday is different....the Guest of Honor is on a tight schedule and when it is nap time, the laughter quickly turns to Whines.  11am was perfect.  Just after nap #1, but before nap #2, and gave everyone the rest of their day to do....well anything.

3.  Friends & Family - I have to say that Mr. T is one spoiled little boy and the loved ones that came (even in the snow) to his bash really showed their love and support.  

4.  HomeMade Ice Cream - That's right, we made ice cream for over 30 people.  The-Dad and The-Best-Mom-In-The-World make HomeMade Ice Cream for every birthday party in our family (which turns out to be about 13 times a year, and has even perfected the Vegan Ice Cream for my sister). So Gator Guy and I learned from the best and it was a hit.

5.  Good Jams - I think the key to any successful party is having the appropriate music.  Just because the word Baby is in the title doesn't mean it makes the playlist for a First Birthday Party.  Sir Mix a Lot definitely gets the boot with his "Baby Got Back."  However, I also didn't want to play Barney over and over when the Guest of Honor doesn't really know the song himself.  And so, I kept it simple and classic.  Songs like:  "L-O-V-E", "My Guy", "It Must Be Love", and "You Make My Dreams Come True".  Stay tuned for the full playlist.
 6.  Keepsake Memory - I had all guests sign Mr. T's "Oh The Places You'll Go" book.  He now has a classic book that he can read along with everyone's wishes on each page.    

7.  Cake - a First Birthday Party could not be complete without a CAKE.  Lots and Lots of cake. 
8.  An eager One Year Old to chow down. 

All of these Must Haves together = One Successful Par-Tay.....Yay!


  1. That's fantastic! Happy Birthday Mr. T!! And here's to many more!

  2. Oh it looks soo great. Those pictures of him chowing down on his cake are perfect, you got some great shots! I can't wait to plan our 1st birthday, I'm already thinking about it and I have 6 months to go!

  3. Looks like it was a great success! Great job! I can't believe that in less than 6 months I'll be throwing my son's first birthday party too! Where does time go?

  4. your baby is illegally cute! that face! those cheeks! the cake! sorry i missed it!

  5. 1st Birthdays are so monumental. I love that idea for the book!

  6. Looks like you threw the perfect party. And, I like how you listed the important ones. What great tips for new mommies!

  7. Oh, those cake pictures are too cute!! My little girl is 3 months old and the time is flying by so fast...soon enough we will be celebrating her 1st birthday. You did a great job bringing everything together : )

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