Must Haves for the Babe: 3-9 Months

1.  Exercise Saucer - I can't tell you enough how great this is.  It not only keeps Mr. T's attention, but gives us a chance to do whatever the heck us Moms and Dads do to keep things moving smoothly.  Oh you know...dishes, vacuum, cook, grill outside, turbo jam, and blog  ;)

2.  Lots of bibs - I remember after the baby shower thinking, what the heck are we going to do with 30 plus bibs???  Not only are they nice to have just about everywhere, but I can tell you that I have "bibs" on my shopping list for today.  I know, 40 plus bibs are really crazy, but its about time some of those retire.

3.  Cookie Jar - This little toy is one of Mr. T's favorites.  Its easy to bring to over to friend's houses and the songs will soon be stuck in everyone's head. "Shapes are in my cookie jar, Triangle, Heart and Star.  There's a cookie over there, here's a square."

4.  Sun Hat - Gotta keep his skin so baby soft and sunburn free. 

5.  Jogger - My Bob Ironman Jogger was a key player in The Shed.   

6.  Baby Carrier - We opted not to go for the Baby Bjorn.  Even though most rave about it.  Frankly, we are cheap.  And we figured the $30 carrier was just as good as the $80 one.  Either way, I would say a carrier is a Must.  Gives you a chance to hike, walk, and explore the world with the little one.  

6.  SLR Camera - Yes I know, I have mentioned this before in my Must Haves Months 0-3.  But I can't tell you enough just how glad I am that we made the splurg.  I do love my small and sleek point & shoot.  But when it comes to photographing babies, the SLR is the way to go!  And don't be too scared if  you don't consider yourself the next Ansel Adams.  Leaving it on auto still takes great pictures!! 

How could you not love these pictures??


  1. I DOOOOO love those pictures... you make cute baby...

  2. I love all your lists, expecially the what you don't need-and after 3 kids, I have found there is alot of what you don't need laying around crowding your space;). Anyways, speaking of bibs, my favorites (the only ones I use now) are the Bumkins. They are soft and flexible, have a little pocket that actually catches stuff and can be rinsed and dried really quickly in the sink or put into the washer and hung dried (although if they find their way into the dryer-they come out just fine too;). I even still put them on Reganne (and sometimes even Marryn) if I'm desperated to keep clothes clean. Just thought I'd share.

  3. Thanks Kelsey!!! That definitely very helpful. I have seen some of those out there, but never knew the brand! I am sure there are many baby items that you think are "overrated" with 3 kids!

  4. Is Ryan really mowing the lawn with Ty in the carrier?!?! :D ha!

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