Roll 'em Up

Wanna know why I loved having so many receiving blankets???  Roll-Ups.  My Sister-in-Law (Super Mom and Nurse) showed me how you can roll up the receiving blankets and use them everywhere.  Best spots were on both sides of Mr. T when he laid in the bouncer or swing, since he didn't quite have the stability to hold himself up. 

See, like this:

We also used the roll ups to put on one side while Mr. T slept to prevent him from turning on his right.  Go figure, but with the "Back is Best" sleep movement, now you have to watch out for Flat Head.  T's dome started to flatten a little on his left, and since some day he might either shave his head or become bald (full circle), it was the Roll-Up to the rescue again.  Some


  1. What a cute little man! I just found you on top baby blogs, love your blog!

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