I must admit...

I have turned into that girl.  That girl that I swore I would never become.  The girl that now freaking LOVES Dancing with the Stars! 

I know its terrible.  You would think I watch enough TV with Mother, Grey's, the Bach, and the list goes on.  And even though you never know what you are going to get with Pamela or the fact that Nicole is realistically a professional dancer herself, or do we know just how high on the cheesy meter  Jake will go... but I just can't get enough of one couple:   
Erin Andrews and Maksim.  
And to think that these two might actually be dating in real life?!?  Just so darn cute.  Please say it is so, because the last time I liked a celebrity couple (Taylor & Taylor), they had broken up before I could publish the post. 

And yes, she may have a peep past, but as I watched tonight, she became more of my wanna-be-BFF when she chomped her way as she cheered!!  (I promise, not every post will be Gator related, but I just can't help being on this Tebow high still.)

Seriously Erin, please call me when if you are going to make it to a Bronco game this fall.  Because I can tailgate with the best of them!!


  1. I've been watching it too for the first time ever. It's the show I love to hate. However, I think that Nicole has an unfair advantage-- it almost makes me mad :)

  2. Much to my husband's dismay, I'm hooked too! Hope Erin wins too...had no idea she and Maxsim were dating! Gotta support a Gator fan, always!

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