Vitamins & Wolves

So it just hit is April. And there are two reasons I get excited for the beginning of a new month:

1)  My Gooooals:  April Fools marks the day that I get to set a new Goal to conquer.  So far, I have mastered my January, February, and March goooals.  What will April be???  

Vitamins.  Supplements.  Pills.  I am Terrible at taking my vitamins.  I tend to pop 'em when Gator Guy or Mr. T gets sick in hopes of beating the spread.  But I need more than just that.  Because let's be honest, whose diet these days really does have everything in it that our bodies need.  And I'm ok (not great, but ok) at taking the tiny BC pill every day, but when it comes to reordering the next pack,...FAIL.  I come up with every excuse in the book than to just refill and continue on.  And so, I am devoting April to taking down those horse sized vitamins and pills in hopes of being healthier, stronger, and waiting on Mr. T's little sister.

So far I am just taking 4 vitamins.  A Daily, Fish Oil, MSM (for my joints), and Quercetin (to help with my immune system and endurance when running).  (But Please consult your doctor about any vitamins you take.  And do not, I repeat, do NOT take my advice or follow in my footsteps just because I said so.  Because remember, I'm the girl that got knocked out by the mechanical bull and the one that thought it was completely logical to carry around a doggy pee pad, Just in Case)

2)  A New Month Means A New....Vamp or Wolf:  Yes, it is true.  This is the actual calendar that hangs in my closet.  The actual calendar that I gaze at as I get dressed for the day.  And the beginning of a new month adds so much suspense I can hardly handle it.  Will it be Edward?  Jacob?  Bella?  Carlisle?  The possibilities are endless and just so exciting.  And just look at who is up for April. 

Dear Jacob, 

Now that I get to see you every day, I have come to the conclusion that I  have made the switch.  I am on your Team.  Team Jacob.  Well, at least for the month of April.  (Shhh, Edward, don't worry, once you come back to me in less than thirty days, I will be all yours)   But back to you Jake -  I must say that I am a little disappointed that you are wearing a shirt.  That is so unlike you.  Are you really ok with ruining yet another shirt once it tears off as you turn into the massive beast??  Does the Pack know you are wearing clothes now?  Do people even recognize you?  Because I have to say that I almost didn't without access to the pecks and raging biceps.  Either way, I will enjoy April.



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