Pack your bags're headed to Mile High.

I'm so excited I can hardly handle it.  Tim Tebow is coming to Denver.  The Denver Broncos.  Tim Tebow.  Our two worlds have now collided.  

Kat and Gator Guy love the Broncos:  

Kat and Gator Guy love the Gators:  

Mr. T Loves the Gators:

Mr. T Loves the Broncos:

Put it all together....and the magic is about to begin.


  1. Just knew you were going to be so excited! He doesn't have to change his colors! Go orange and blue! Happy Friday!

  2. Worlds Colliding but doing so in a Hugging kind of way! - Just became a HUGE Bronco's fan myself! there are thousands more like me getting on that bandwagon! Go Broncos!

  3. Do you happen to have the winning lottery numbers too? How in the heck did you make that happen? Looks like there will be a trip out west in our near future! :)

  4. I miss the Bronco enthusiasm that living in Colorado afforded. My area gets excited over the Boise State Broncos (same colors) and that's okay...

  5. kat, you have so many awesome photos, which one to comment on first! I love the wedding photo! Also your little boy is soooo adorable.

    My husband is a big Tebow fan a well. So, I'm constantly hearing the updates.

    Wanted to tell you that I gave you an award on my april 21 post. Go there to pick it up.

    keep in touch : )

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