Kat's Public Service Announcement:

I am NOT pregnant.  I repeat....I am NOT Pregnant. 

Leave it up to my love for Jacob to send the wrong message.  Ok...it had nothing to do with Jacob (or as Gator Guy now calls him as I gaze at my calendar, "Gaycob").  But in my last post, I wrote:

"And so, I am devoting April to taking down those horse sized vitamins and pills in hopes of being healthier, stronger, and waiting on Mr. T's little sister."

Now I read this and see nothing wrong with it.  Because I know that I am talking about birth control pills, and WAITING on Mr. T's little sister.  As in WAITING until pulling the goalie and therefore his little sister is no where near in the picture.  But then again, my writing makes sense to me...And apparently not my family.  My late night texts:

From the Super Mom Sister-in-law, "still up?"
And from my Dearest Niece, Kay, "You're pregnant?!?!"

WAIT, WHAT??  I'm Pregnant???  After reading the first text at 3am and calming myself down out of all the possibilities as to why my SIL is texting me in the middle of night (oh how my mind wonders when I'm half asleep), I finally comprehend my niece's text.  I'm pregnant???  How did this happen?  Oh wait...its my body, and I am NOT pregnant.  Whew...that was a close one. 

So after clearing up the misunderstanding this morning, I have decided to clear it up in the blog world too.  

So please note, that for my Goooals, I am devoting April to taking vitamins to become healthier and stronger (not for a baby because I am NOT pregnant, but for my Marathon Training and my overall health).  I will also get better at taking birth control pills to WAIT, to PAUSE, to DELAY, to NOT HAVE another baby, because I am NOT pregnant.  

Ps...to my family and friends, please know that I would NEVER post a BFP on my blog before Spreading the word properly. 


  1. hahahahaaha! That is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me! I hope you're doing well. Wow, marathon training! That's awesome. I did this a few years ago but got injured after completing 4 months of training on my last 20 mile run before the race! I'm all better now, but didn't get to run it. But no regrets it was an awesome experience. you'll love it. Have you run/trained before?

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