Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Ready....cue in the music:

That's right folks....Just like Simba and Nala... Ali & Roberto have found each other and Can Feel the Love Tonight.  And just like ABC likes to play On the Wings of Love anything Jake related, we will forever hear Elton John's Disney classic with these two love birds. 

Dear Ali & Roberto,

I have to admit it, you are pretty stinkin cute.  Seriously.  I couldn't help but smile while watching the two of you giggle and glow during the 3 hour finale.  And Ali...good for you.  You let Chris go before he completely put his heart on a platter and picked out that ring for you.  Way to break those rules.

Yes, Here Here to the new Reality King & Queen...I really do hope you two last.  Because let's face it...the Bach Love Machine isn't keeping a good track record thus far. So here's to you proving that to be wrong and joining the Trista/Ryan club.


Dear Chris,

Chin up boy.  Chin up.  And just take a cue from the dear Kasey and give all the love that you have in your heart.  Share it.  Guard it.  Protect it.  But really...You are a sweetheart.  A nice guy.  And you have easily won over America with your sweetness.  So don't you worry...she's somewhere, out there....over the rainbow.  

And not to judge (although that's really all I do here), but before you meet your future Mrs. Cape Cod or perhaps become the next Bach...I would like you to meet your new best friend.
I often wondered, if just like the Chap Stick Girl, you too are wondering, "Where's the ChapStick?"


ps....the Where's the Chapstick video has over 7 million views.  I am in awe. 


  1. I love your letters. My bet on Roberto and Ali lasting is like 6 months though. I think he's too beautiful for her!

  2. I think I may just cry all over again. Ok, I wont, but I thought about it.

  3. Hey Kat, hahaha. Glad you found me again. The chap stick--never saw that one before. The bachelorette, yep, been watching. Nice letters.

  4. You're funny! Have you heard the latest about good old ex Bach, Jake? Well if not, just Google's pretty funny! Saw him on the View today, those ladies ate him alive!

    Fingers crossed that Miss Ali fairs a little better.

    Oh and do I smell a Bach future for Mr. Chris????

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