Rock of Love has met its Match

Dear ABC,

That is right, you have brought us a new level. A Rock-of-Love level. A level that we will watch each week hoping that no one knows we are watching and actually loving each moment. You have brought a new level to the game of twister that we last probably played when we were 12. You have brought a new level of scandalousness that Prime Time has not seen with your close up camera shots and full time bikini wardrobe. Yes ABC, you have brought us The Bachelor Pad.  And yes ABC, I will watch.  Each week.  Just please do not install any poles in the mansion.  I don't know if my goody two shoes can handle that on a Monday night. 

xoxo, Kat

Dear Craig M,

Is there a flood coming that we are not aware of? Do you have the best looking ankles that you just can't help but show them off? Are you perhaps borrowing the Weatherman's pants that are obviously too short for you? Or are you really trying to pull off men's capri's?!? Either way, I have to tell you that it is a No-Go. And Hell-No. A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are you thinking?!? Whether you call them Sha-pants like Gator Guy, or Pa-shorts like The Boss, they are wrong. All Wrong. I can accept that your hair will remain Einstein-ish, but please wear pants that are your size.  Your ankles are not that good.

xoxo, Kat

Dear Elizabeth,

Blondes may have more fun, but you my dear are not a blonde. Please save the bleach and go back to your beautiful Audrey Hepburn Brunette.

xoxo, Kat

Ps...You are still crazy, but I love watching it!

Dear Kiptyn,

I Heart You.  That is all. 

xoxo, Kat


  1. Craig M's pants... thank you! I wanted to put that in my post but it had already gotten so long. Plus, I call them "man-pris" but that is a weird word to write out... looks like "priss" and not "prees". :-) Either way, yeah, not a good look.

    ABC has really upped the "trainwreck" ante with this one. And heck yes, I'm going to watch!!

  2. I told my husband that Kiptyn makes me have love in my heart and sex feelings in my loins. He is so, so, so, so hot.

  3. I cant believe that I am watching this show. Such a woman I am. I told Tracy last night that it is just like the soft porn on Cinemax.

    I am going to grow my hair out to be like Craigs.

    Elizabeth, oh my, oh my. Kiss You, Kiss you not, get that dark hair back and she can tell me whatever.

    Kiptyn, ?????? Come on Kat. For Real?????

    How come I have not seen your post about No Throws new hair cut

  4. I am loving this show already! hahaha. :D

    No letter to crazy Michelle?! bahaha.

  5. OMG- Jenn's comment is so funny!

  6. I love that in the first picture you posted, Elizabeth is about to pull poor Jesse over in the pool to get closer... I am feeling a bit of a single-white-female kind of vibe with that one... Sadly admitting, I'll be watching this whole d@mn show too.

    p.s. Yes, "this Daddy", Kiptyn is the bee's knees :)

  7. I am so glad to see that you are all going to be watching this one with me.
    @This Daddy - I will at least give you some slack with the fact these girls are half naked the entire you don't need to submit your man-card just yet. And I am still trying to get over Tebow's new do...but I also fully support the rookie hazing.
    @Jenn - You crack me up. I had to do a double take when reading your comment to make that was really you!
    @Ess - I sadly wanted Michele to stay. I love her craziness!

  8. lol I loved rock of love and i think i'm going to like bach pad too! I'm glad Craig didn't get voted out right away... even if his pants are hard to look at. And I kinda stopped watching Bachelor for a while until this past season with Ali so I don't know these peeps as well, but Elizabeth seems CRAZY! I was not a fan... and can someone get this girl some sun screen?! I think she would look better with dark hair, she is a very pretty girl but I think the blond is too much.

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