Shoes Gone in Minutes

12:00AM - Kat checks NikeSport on Twitter: "Tebow's still aren't up yet. Hang in there"
12:01AM - Kat sprints into bedroom to make sure she knows what size Gator Guy wears.
12:02AM - Kat checks on NikeSport on Twitter again:  "Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 Mid. Buy now at NikeStore"
12:02AM - Kat clicks on the link with her heart racing.
12:03AM - Kat selects size 10.5 for Gator Guy, proceeds to the checkout, and yells out "Yes"  (along with a fist pump.
12:05AM - Kat didn't fill out credit card and mailing address fast enough and  is told that all size 10.5's are sold out. 
12:06AM - Kat attempts to buy 3 pairs of any size and clicks "Add to Cart"
12:07AM - Kat gets a message saying that All Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 shoes are completely SOLD OUT!!

Gotta be freaking kidding me.  And here I thought I was the only one staying up late.  WRONG.  But at least I got some awesome bridal shower favors done.  I will have to post pics of those soon!  


  1. Oh, I'm sorry...He might be thanking you though, Bronco fan or not, those are kind of hideous.

  2. That's AWESOME!! Not that you couldn't get the shoes, sorry about that. But how cool is it that yet another Tebow-touched item is a hot seller! Hope you get some soon. :)

  3. What in the world?????


    Please say its a joke?

    Hook Em Horns. Although if I found a pair of Burnt Orange shoes, I might do the same.

    But NoThrowTebow? Come On.

    You know the trash talking begins



    The only thing I ask from you and your husband and the Gators is please kick the shit out of UGA.

  4. @2Busy - I know they are hideous. But he would have been Oh So Happy

    @Tracey - I am not surprised that they were a hot selling item, and didn't think there would be availability in the morning. But never thought 5 minutes!

    @ThisDaddy - Alright, i will support the Horns (always seem to cheer from them from time to time), but the NoThrow Tebow. Boooo. Not sure a good come back, but just like any rookie QB, he will need some time.

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