Waiting for My Signed Copy

Dear Mike & Mike,

So back in March, I heard some AMAZING news.  You were releasing a book.  Greenie & Golic, wrote a book!!  A book full of debates and debacles about everything sports and life.  A book that I just could not wait to read. 

I was so excited, and on the release date, I headed to the nearest Barnes and Noble to pick up a new fresh copy.  I finally had it.  The Rules for Sports and Life...in my pretty little hands. 

And then I heard even better news.  That you were going on a book tour to give Mike & Mike fans like myself an opportunity to meet you, get a picture, get an autograph, and become BFFs.  I anxiously waited until you relieased your tour locations.  

And then...

I saw that you were not coming to Denver.  Seriously.  You go to West Hartford, CT & Lyndhurst, OH but you do NOT come to DENVER.  I was devastated.  I am still devastated.  I have waited.  Month after month, in hopes that you would someday make the trip to come visit The Stink.  But no.  No signed copy for Kat. 

Then I was convinced that you would make it out to training camp to give us the low down on the Tebow madness.   But no. Still no signed copy for Kat.  No BFF bracelets being made. 

So please Mike & Mike.  Please come to Denver.   Come cheer on those Broncos.  Come to Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday nights with Big Al, D-Mac, and The Stink.  But more than anything, come to Denver to hang out with ME!!!



  1. Bummer! Hopefully Tebow will bring the crew your way! By the way have you seen Tebow's new do? Hello Friar Tuck! Good thing he's so likable!

  2. awe, you're so cute, I am sure if they see this they will come running to Denver.

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