Let's Get Ready To Rumble

That's right folks...it is almost football season.  And there are many reasons I am Oh-So-Excited for this one.  I have of course always been a die hard bronco fan.  I mean...I wore a Bronco garter at the wedding. 

But now that the coming of our beloved Tebow has brought our two worlds together, I just couldn't be more excited.  

So what I have done to prepare myself:

1.  Purchased the cutest t-shirt ever....because I just really do Heart Tebow.  You too can own the Tebow greatness by going to Title Town T's.  Visit on Facebook too!

2.  Preseason Madness - Gator Guy and I went to the first home preseason game this weekend at the beautiful Mile High Stadium and had a B-L-A-S-T.  

3.  Bronco's Training Camp - No, this isn't running sprints with the Donks or push-ups with Pretty Boy Quinn.  This is watching the preseason practice along with 100s of other crazy Bronco Fans.  So on a special Mama-Ty Day, I took little Mr. T to the Bronco's Training camp.  It was quite the adventure in the 95 degree heat and where you have to be silent on the sidelines... but we had a great time.    Tyson just can't get enough of his football....or in his words, "Pppppt-Ball"

4.  Planned out regular season games - I think my BFF's thought I was crazy for emailing them in July about what Bronco games we should all go to.  And so, I am now taking that stab again and excited to get a game on the calendar.  

5.  Bought myself this Bronco bracelet.  And where did I get it you ask....Why at the local Conoco Gas Station.  Go figure!

So now the question is...will I be that girl with the Bronco purse too?  Hmmm....decisions, decisions.


  1. Okay I am cracking up because I was just about to do a post on my Broncos helmet food platter. The top holds dip and the faceplate holds chips/pretzels.

    We're going to the game this Sunday and will be tailgating and I just perfected my Broncos outfit today- I got a retro Broncos shirt that is killer!!!!!

    I LOVE YOUR TEBOW one, but don't ever call Quinn a pretty boy again or we'll get in a fight. HAHAHAHA

  2. Best. Post. Ever!!

    I had my senior pictures taken in my Elway jersey, so I fully support your Broncos garter at your wedding.

    And I WANT that bracelet. That is AWESOME!!!! Unfortunately, not something we have at our local Conoco. :-(

    And Brady Quinn? And Tim Tebow? SIGH!

  3. Definitely the 2nd purse. GO Broncos PPPPPFTBALL! :)

  4. @Ms E - Love the food platter. Might have to get that one myself. And of course I have to call him Pretty Boy Quinn, but only because he's just so "pretty". Have you seen his modeling pics?!? Very nice.

    @Audreya - I'm sure you can find the bracelet. "Fans of the Field" shop in our mall had all kinds of teams!!

    @Amanda - I agree. I think this one will be the perfect size too!!

  5. i love the top!! so cute!


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