Can You Believe It??

This little man is 18 months today!! 

And now, let me take a moment here and show off his cuteness:


  1. Happy 18 months! Gosh how time flies!

  2. Happy I found your blog. Love it.

    Those photos are adorable.

  3. He is so precious. I love that age!

  4. @Shannon - Thanks! I am definitely trying to soak it in. Everyone warned me that it goes fast, and boy are they right!!

    @Emz - Yay for being a new follower!! I will return the favor and excited to read about your running adventures!

    @Alison - Thanks!!! Its hard to say what my favorite age it. I just might have to make a pro/con list about that one :)

  5. Very cute blog...I just found it! Very excited to read more. Your pictures are gorgeous. Proud to be a new follower :)

  6. Adorable!

  7. @ Great & Shell - thanks for following!!! Just made my day :)

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