September comes with mixed emotions

Happy - Its my favorite month of the year.  Cooler weather, but no need for coats and scarves just yet.  Starts off with a Holiday weekend and includes the celebration of mine and Gator Guy's Wedding (and dating) anniversary.  And starts the beginning of the beautiful fall colors!!
Anticipation - September of Twenty-Ten is one of my busiest months between work, home, and everything else I have involved myself in.  And so, I take a deep breath and get ready rock it. 

Stressed - Because I am crazy, I am planning my HS reunion.  I have a great committee working with me, but if the event turns out crappy, I'm definitely the one everyone can send their hate mail to.

On the edge of my seat - In case you can't tell, I love football.  I love the Broncos.  I love the Gators. And I love Tebow.  (I even had a dream that Tebow & I were on a date. I was annoyed because everyone wanted his autograph and we couldn't have privacy.  This obsession of mine is becoming ridiculous!)  But either way, I cannot freaking wait for this football season to kick off.  It will start with a bang with the Rocky Mt Showdown of CSU vs CU this Saturday.  Go Rams!!! 

In need of cuteness - With the reunion and the wedding of one of my BFFs coming up I need some super cute and cheap dresses to wear.  I actually think I am going to hit up Forever 21 first.  Because yes, I am 21 at heart. 

Shedding - That's right.  The Shed was my plan to lose the 50 lbs Mr T. so graciously gifted to me.  And since I was sucessful (Woohoo) in that effort, its time to revisit some of that methodology to get that body to a level of  oh-so-confident.  Why?  Three reason: 1) Reunion  2) BFFs Wedding  3) HAWAII

Sad - I can't even begin to count how many times I said, "We should get together this summer" to all my favorite friends.  And here we are, closing in on the end of summer holiday weekend, and none of those summer plans worked out.  Now its, "Let's get together this football season." 

Hopeful - I seem to have so much on my plate that I am just hopeful that I will get through it all and end the month with a bang...on the beach in Hawaii

Determined - Damn straight I am going to get through it all and not only complete my "To Dos", but Rock 'em.  Because well.....I rock. 


  1. i LOVE gilad... :)
    sounds like a busy busy month...can't wait to read all about it, ya know when you have spare time to blog. ;)

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