Beverly Hills 9.02.10

Can you believe it???  Today is 9/02/10.  So in honor of the greatest show EVER, join me in a chant:

Donna Martin Graduates!!  Donna Martin Graduates!!
And yes, I am currently wearing this Must-Have shirt that I oh-so-love.  

What was so great about 90210??  Let's review:

1.  Dylan, Brandon, and David - Seriously, those dimples.  That hair.  Those dance moves.  All so dreamy.  I would have to say that if the McAwesome names started back in the 90's, McKay would have been the first McDreamy (Hmmm, or is he McSteamy?  And Brandon is McDreamy? Its just too close to call.)  Either way, at the time...they were all McMmmmm

2.  The Peach Pit - Whether it was the cool 50's hang out or the hopping night club, how bad did you want to be at the Pit?  Because I sure did.  I wanted the Pit just around the corner from our school.

3.  Brenda, Donna, & Kelly - The original gals were FABulous.  I'm sure each and every one of us didn't like one of them, loved to be the other, but really acted like the last one.  For me, Hated Brenda....wanted to be Kelly....but was probably more on the dorky side of Donna  (hence the shirt!).  

4.  The Romance - These couples were the real Power Couples of Hollywood.  Every week, we just had to tune in and see which couple was going to make it or break it.  Who was your favorite 90210 couple? I think I loved Brandon & Kelly the best!

5.  The Newbies - It was quite the adjustment for most of us Save by the Bell lovers to see Kelly Kapowski come on over and play the bad girl - Valerie.  But over time, I really liked her.  And poor Dylan's fiance, will always be Noxzema girl. Who was your favorite Newbie??

6.  The Lame Ones - We can't talk about a hit without the ones we didn't like.  Seriously Spelling, you could have written this hit with out these guys:

So yes....Ten years of awesomeness.  A decade of drama, romance, and just the best TV viewing years we have all probably known.  I mean, I know it was a hard choice to stick with the classic 90210 when Dawson's Creek happened to air on the same night and the same time.  But I always held true to the original Hills.  Beverly Hills.  9-0-2-1-0 Baby!  


  1. LOVE this!! I posted about it today too. So fun! xo

  2. hi, i'm new!!!

    LOVE this post, i'm a HUGE 90210 fan...

    my favorite newbie is Noah!!!

  3. je'adore.
    love love love.
    and they were HOT back in the day...and then loved Party of Five right after...I don't know how I did it without a dvr back then (Oh I didn't have kids to interrupt the shows)

  4. I love your shirt

  5. First you insult Brady Quinn, and now my boyfriend Steve Sanders? For shame.

  6. Love everything about this post and that you have that t-shirt! Amazing!

  7. Thanks ladies!! I was seriously so excited to just see all the pics and revisit my Fav show.

    @jacquelyn - how could I forget Noah?!? Disappointed with myself.

    @Stacie - Loved Party of Five too. I might have to revisit that one soon!

    @katmcd & Meagan - Thanks!! The site I got the shirt from is gone now, but this sure looks like the exact one:

    @Ms E - Oh Ms E...What shall I do with you. Your BF Steve Sanders?!?!? At least you are a die hard bronco fan!

  8. I've got a post about Boys II Men, you've got 90210... feels like the 90s!!! And they did play their old stuff, but a bunch of other stuff too. The show was packed so I couldn't really see them :( but they were dancing around to the faster songs and they sounded good!


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