Foot Stompin' Jam

On my way to work, I jammed out to Garth's "Callin on Baton Rouge".  I stomped my foot and banged on the steering wheel as if it was a Friday afternoon in July. 

And then I realized that it wasn't just the great lyrics, catchy tune, and images of Garth smashing guitars that made me Oh-So-Excited about this Jam. 

Baton Rouge is in Louisiana.  And so is New Orleans.  And what is going on in New Orleans tomorow night?!?!?  FOOTBALL baby!

That's right, the NFL season kicks off tomorrow.  So don't forget to ask your sports lover tonight who he thinks will win the season opener between the two great QBs.  Saints or the Vikings?  Drew Brees vs Bret Favre?  (Go Saints!)


  1. Yay! Love me some football! Where did you get that cute cute shirt in your profile pic? Gotta have one...though it may be too late since he's moved on.

  2. Got it from Lori at

    She still has some in gator blue too!! And some things for the new QB (JB), but you gotta love Tebow :) And so its never too late! I think they named Tebow more time in last weekends game more than JB!!

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