Am I Too Old...

For a belly button ring? Honestly. Because like most of you, I got my belly button pierced when I was 16 because...well, I was damn cool. And I kept it in up until the day that my belly turned from cute baby bump to scary octomomish. And on that day I took it out, I never really thought I would put it back.

But now I look at my belly button, and its just a hole. And judging by what my other BFF's say, I don't think this hole is going to close.

And so...Am I too old for a belly button ring??  Most of me says yes.  That I am a wife and a mom and need to keep the belly button rings to the teens.  But then I look at that damn hole, and think it looks so lame! I suppose the only time anyone besides Gator Guy will see it, is at the pool or beach. And I guess I ask about this now because Gator Guy and I soon fly the skies to Hawaii!

So I ask:  Do I put a basic belly ring back in?? Or just rock the hole??  Vote to the left -->


  1. Put the belly button ring back in. Remove when you turn 40. It's hilarious you wrote about this today because I had on my muffin top jeans and was like, I am way too old and fat for a belly button ring. I took it out and the hole looked WAY worse. At least you're skinny! Keep the ring.

  2. You're not too old!!! My momma has one and she rocks it!! :)

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