A Spitting Goat always fixes my Foul Mood.

Well...Tebow played a good game and I was so darn excited every time he stepped ont he field.  However, we still lost.  And to the freaking RAIDERS.  I HATE the raiders.  Yes Hate.  And I am fully aware that Hate is a strong word.  I am also fully aware the I am sore loser. 

If you couldn't tell already, I'm pretty damn competitive.  Even losing at a game of Taboo, Scrabble, or Scene It and I quickly become a bitter mess because I didn't dominate my opponents.  And now watching the Broncos lose week after week just really gets me down!! 

And so...there is one thing that just cheers me up and littlerly makes me laugh out loud.  The Spitting Goat.  Yes, this is a MUST SEE youtube video, so take a minute out of your blog browsing and make sure to watch it  :)


  1. First of all, pass me the Purell.

    Secondly, there was a guy just like that goat on line at the post office today. seriously.

  2. I love hatin on Onethrow Tebow. Sure he had a nice game, but they lost. hahaahahahahahahahaha. OK Im done. Wait no im not.

    hahahahaha. But you know who won and is in the playoffs?

    The, no wait MY ATLANTA FALCONS, My Dirty Birds. Jump on the bandwagon. still room and if you do so now there is no charge.

  3. There's a man like that goat in EVERY line. Especially around Holiday time. Christmas spirit, my ass.


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