These boots are made for walkin....

Ok, maybe not walking.  And definitely not running which Nike is Oh-So-Famous for.  But seriously check out these new swooshes.  I am at lost for words.


(Shhh.... I secretly want a pair.  You know, for some house shoes.)


  1. I die. They are just absurd. Maybe you can find blue and orange ones and wear them to Broncos games?

  2. Secretly, there is something kind of alluring about them, isn't there? :-)


    p.s. Loved that you cried at an NFL game after, what? drinking pickle juice? It was on the other page, but I think that's what it said. When I was pregnant, I used to cry at the "reach out and touch someone" phone commercials. I also cried every time the National Anthem was played. :-) Mighta been a little emotional!

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