McDreamy or McSteamy??

I recieved this ecard from my Dearest T this morning and it just made my day!!!  And I am more than Damn Ready to get my Damn surgery overwith!!! 

Tomorrow I will go in for Thyroid surgery (remove the left half).  And I am pretty damn nervous about it.  Not sure if its the fact that they are cutting at my freaking throat.  Or maybe because I am a Mom now and responsible for someone else other than ME.  Or perhaps I am just a wuss and need to just suck it up.  Either way, I will grately appreciate being knocked out and going off into a wonderful dream.

Just what shall I dream about????

That my surgeon is McDreamy??



Or McHoly??? 
(haha, you all knew that one was coming, right!!?) 
Either way, I am ready to get this over with and enjoy some days in bed watching all my favorite Christmas movies.


  1. I'll take McYummy or McDreamy, thank you...Good luck with your surgery...You know it's routine for them, but not for you. :( Will you have to take thyroid meds now?

  2. Good luck with your surgery and can I have all of them ;)

  3. Decisions, decisions!! :)

    Hope everything went well with your surgery. xo

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