Twenty-Nine Today

Today I am closing in on the end of my twenties.  Today is the big 2-9.  And are 29 fun facts you can learn about me.
  1. I get the hiccups every morning
  2. I pronounce "espresso" as "expresso"
  3. I love any movie with Hilary Duff
  4. I sing "On the Road Again" in my head every time I start my car
  5. I can do a mad running man
  6. My favorite drink is 5 Barrel by Odell
  7. I sing to Mr. T "Goodnight My Someone" from Music Man every night
  8. I often dance in front of the mirror when no one else is home
  9. My all time favorite movie is Gladiator
  10. I have not watched a NBA game in over 10 years
  11. I sometimes weigh myself before and after going to the bathroom (so does Gator Guy...we are awesome)
  12. I sleep with a retainer and eye mask
  13. I was voted Best School Spirit in High School (and 2nd in Best Rump)
  14. I love the PBR and secretly wish I was a bull rider
  15. I am terrified of sharks, even on TV
  16. I hate scary movies, and can't watch the previews
  17. My "when I'm sick" movie is Sweet Home Alabama
  18. I am addicted to Blistex Lip Medex chapstick
  19. I drive a dodge durango, and in high school told Gator Guy that that was my "dream car"
  20. I write messages or "to dos" on my mirror with a dry eraser marker
  21. I once fought a Mom at a high school volleyball game
  22. I have actually tried to send emails and facebook messages to Tim Tebow about meeting in person
  23. I once peed my pants during a 5k race...and kept running
  24. My most played song on my iPod is Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone and tied for second is Journey - Don't Stop Believing & Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car.
  25. I only chew a half of piece of gum, and call it "halfers" (which Gator Guy hates)
  26. I once ate two Chipotle burritos in one setting...for a bet
  27. I am currently wearing pink pajama pants with 10 year old niece has a matching pair
  28. I sleep walk, talk, kick, punch, or some other activity in my sleep at least once a week.  Poor Poor Gator Guy.
  29. I woke up today to beautiful flower and cards from Gator Guy and Mr. T. 


  1. Love this idea 29 things.

    but OMGosh - hiccups every morning?! Sounds like death.

    I do 18,25 & 27. Ok I'd do 27, If I had them. ;)

    HAPPY DAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lizze McGuire is the reason I studied abroad in Rome. Not kidding.


  3. Happy Bday. Youg-en. And what to do now about your boy Urban Meyer stepping down AGAIN. He and ol Farve should run for office

  4. Funny that you ask This Daddy....I am voting for him to come coach my broken Broncos!!! :)

  5. That list is HYSTERICAL! (I swear there are too many similarities between the two of us.) Needed that too after today's news. Boo. A very happy birthday to you regardless! You need to come over to my "house" and see what giveaway I'm featuring. I'm thinking you might just like! :)

  6. Ummm... #2 How else would you say it?

    #18... that's an actual addiction. True story.

    This is a great idea, sadly I don't think I could come up with 36things about myself though.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Better late than never...Happy Belated B'day! You're still such a baby, I've got a couple years on ya!

    I say "ex"presso to...very funny!

    Enjoy your weekend, you young thing you!

  8. Happy Last Year of Your Twenties! Love getting to know you better;).

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