Green, Hoops, & Sunshine

Yesterday was filled with excitement in Downtown Denver.  You could just Feel It!!  The weather was filled with beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and 74 spectacular degrees.  Folks are getting pumped up for Today's St. Patrick's Day and perhaps have been celebrating since last weekend.  And on top of that March Madness begins today.  People are walking around with brackets, highlighters,  and are pumped for the excitement that today brings.  Denver is hosting the first two rounds and so the buzz just grows as everyone walks around in their school gear and pride.    I even have to give a shout out to my friend Anne, who "checked in" on facebook at 4AM for Kegs & Eggs this morning!  Yikes.  Made my plans to have a beer at lunch seem quite small!  Slainte Anne!!!  Drink a Green One for me!!

I love spring in Denver.  And I absolutely love a day like today.  I leave you with some Irish jams from one of my favorite movies:  (Thanks Micah for posting it the other day!!)


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