Dear Grey's Anatomy,

There is a reason I do not watch Glee.  Tonight's episode is a complete failure.  Please stick to your normal soundtracks. 


PS...I am only 20 minutes into the episode.  It's that bad. 


  1. oh no! I was worried it was going to be cheesy. Grrrrrest, maybe I will just dvr it and go to bed early. Haha.

  2. I stopped watching Greys all together. I am strictly a Private Practice girl now. Good to know I am not missing out!

  3. meh, i am torn...there were some parts that it just didn't work...and then parts where, I had chills and loved it. So it was a 50/50 hit/miss for me.

  4. She sings so beautifully!

    That said...


    What were they thinking?

  5. The wife and I love that show and I am a huge HUGE Callie fan. That episode SUCKED a major Tebow. (u like that) It was hard to get through it. Oh well on to a new one that is gonna hurt to watch. I think Callies baby is going to die. Damn I am such a woman! Oh well. Im surprised you dont have Tebows new underwear photos up yet. Slacker

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