Must Haves: For the Sick Toddler

1.  Vicks Vapor Humidifier - Gator Guy picked this one up at Walmart yesterday and it is a life savor!!  The humidifier works great and adds the vicks vapor in the air.  Its pretty cheap too, so I definitely recommend this one. 

2.  Popsicles - Nothing soothes a sore throat better! 

3.  Big Boy Cups - Mr. T was not excited about drinking liquids, but once we let him drink from a big boy water bottle or cup...he was on track to hydration! 

4.  Children's Ibuprofen - Definitely a must have to keep that fever down!!   Now I just wish they had cough drops or medicine for a two year old.

5.  Pancakes - Ok, we tried everything.  Jell-o, pudding, soup, smoothie....just about anything that we could think of to get Mr. T to eat.  But then he finally asked for why the hell not! 

6.  Towel as a Pillow - When I was little, my mom would put a towel over my pillow and tell me that it would make me feel better.  I am sure it was to help with all the drooling, snot, and possible vomit.  Now a days, I use this tip even when suffering from the Irish Flu and thought Mr. T should give it a try.  

7.  Mickey Mouse Playhouse - When I am sick, I watch "Friends" and classic chick flicks like "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "Can't Buy Me Love".  When Mr. T is's ALL about Mickey.  All  Mickey...ALL day long.


  1. I can relate to most of your post. I have a 3 yr. old son. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on A LOT at our house. I also make sure we have Children's IBprofen at all times. Great post. Following you now. Hope you can stop by

  2. Awww, what sweet little doesn't love Mickey!?

    Sorry your little guy was under the weather and hope he's feeling better now!

  3. Hope he's feeling better now!

  4. One other tip...

    If you don't want the whole room to smell like Vicks, put the vapor rub on his feet (bottoms) and then put socks on him. It absorbs quickly and gives the same relief as the chest, but with out the cold feeling or ruining the sheets.

    Worked great for my boys... we still use it at 9 and 10.

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