Fan of The Fan

News Flash -- I am kind of a sports fan.  (As I'm sure most of you are all rolling your eyes or saying "duh" at this very moment).  I am also a huge sports talk radio fan.   And so, when I heard that 104.3 The Fan was going to be out just a block from my office, I knew I had to stop by and say hi.  Even better, was the fact that this was on St Patrick's Day.  You know, the beautiful day in Denver with Green, Hoops, & Sunshine.  So after buying my green beer all by myself at the Oh-So-Crowded Tilted Kilt, I headed over to The Fan table to say hi. 
Four Hours Later....I was with my new BFF, DMac (the host of The Drive) heading to the second half of the Gonzaga vs St John's first round game at the Pepsi Center.  Quite the experience I must say myself.  Not only sitting in the 3rd row of the game, but just having a chance to hang out with one of the guys that I listen to almost every day.  

As the night went on, we covered just about every subject manageable:  Tebow, Marathon Training, Hurricane McDaniel's Departure, Gator Guy, My New Love for Yoga, College hoops, The Future of the Broncos, Mr. T, Bracketology,  Tebow's Determination, Hiking a 14er, My Hatred for Cutler, My Passion for the Broncos, My Desire to be Erin Andrews, My love for Tebow, Football, My Lack of Baseball Knowledge....Oh yeah, and Tebow


  1. How fun! Sounds like my kind of night! Yes, I'm jealous. ;)

  2. I love your blog! I am a huge sports fan too, but living in San Diego and you in Denver makes us huge AFC West rivals, i'll forgive you though. :) But so cool our boys are a week apart.

  3. Damn girl you are one scary woman. Stalk a lil bit. Mike and Mike probably canceled in your area too, for the saftey of their lives.

    Sorry bout the Gators, they got Butlerized

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