Ball Smackers and Navy Stripes

Totally out of my go-to-bed-at-9pm-on-weekdays character...but I finally made it to a Rockies game last night with my Dearest Manda, and even indulged in a few microbrews (shocker). Only downfall was a missed all the drama with the Bachelor Pad.  I hear there were lots of tears...but don't worry, I totally DVR'd it!

But the game was great.  Company was fantastic and I even learned a couple of things.  One - all pin stripes on baseball uniforms are matter what the team colors are. Crazy!  Two - the term southpaw originated from left handed pitchers because home base was always west and therefore the leftys faced south.  Interesting....who would have thought!! 

Ask me about football and I will talk your ear off.  But baseball is a foreign world to me.  I even started a Baseball Fantasy League this year with Gator Guy with hopes that I would learn more.  From the league I conclude with the following:

1.  I still do not know any thing more about baseball than I did before.  This is supported by the fact that I have not changed anything on my team since day one and have now gone from 10th to 3rd place.  Wish Fantasy Football was that easy.  

2.  I created a team of pervs.  Seriously. I named the league Ball Smackers (long story, but the short version is some drunk guy kept yelling out Ball Smackers on the train.  I thought I was so funny that I wrote it down on my sudoku and decided to name any kickball or baseball team after it.)  Gator Guy and I determined that we should leave the league public just to see if we got anyone else.  Well, I built it...and they came. Example team names are:  Family Jewels, Blue Balls, and Big Long Balls.  Seriously....I created a league for all the pervs.  Well done Kat.  Well done.


  1. too funny, I don't know a lot about baseball either but am going to my first MLB game in a few weeks! Can't wait to whip out the facts I learned from your blog today to sound like an expert. ;)

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