Helmets are Required for Bachelorette Parties

I have a new requirement.  I shall now wear a helmet to any participating bachelorette party or crazy night out.

Bachelorette Party #1...few years ago
Was sitting in a booth, enjoying my beer when all of a sudden a large picture fell off the wall and onto my head.  Concussion.  (Pic is not from that featured night, but still is the bride)

Bachelorette Party #2...This last Saturday
Was sitting on a roof top bar, enjoying my beer (before the Timmy concert...more on that to come), when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind came and one of the table umbrellas went flying and hit me right above the temple.  Concussion.  Thank goodness for the pocket umbrella, or else I would have melted from the rain.

Incident #3...Not a Bach Party...but accompanied by the Bachelorette #2.
Riding the mechanical bull...beat the bar women's record and then knocked out unconscious.  Concussion. Swollen face.  Could not chew food for a week.

1. While in Booze Hound mood....I need to wear a helmet.
2.  I still love that bull.


  1. holy crap!! this is too hysterical!

  2. too funny... I'll have you know I've been watching Love in the Wild now because of you - it's so dumb that it's entertaining!

  3. Good heavens! You are just walking around looking for concussions! Take it easy next time. ;)

  4. Have you tried bubble wrap?

    It comes in many colors and could be made into some fasionable hats...

  5. He-he! It surely is required. I have seen so many bachelorette parties that I can tell that helmets are indeed required. It was a fun post and I have to say that one of the best ways to celebrate singlehood before getting married. I will also look for event locations like this for mine.

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