Nutbags...All of Them

As a result of finally watching the shit show that the Bach Pad was this week....I just had to vent with my Dearest M about the complete awfulness and unnecessary tears.  Soooo many damn tears.

And my Dearest M was brilliant enough to say  "Nutbags...all of them!" 

And so, I have decided to honor the crazies (& my Dearest M) and use the term "Nutbags" this weekend.  I think it will be a nice addition to my vocabulary and perhaps it will even make its way into a song as I serenade a crowd at karaoke this evening.  

Effing nutbags.  

Oh and ps....A big congratulations to Nevin Shapiro who receives the ultimate Nutbag Award.  Please read this article if you have not heard about the Miami scandal and to also impress your sports lover with fun facts. But let me just tell you, if you look up the definition of "small man complex", you shall see Nevin's face.  No worries...this dude is already in prison, so no hurt feelings for any brutal comments you make about him.  Let's hear it!  


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