Its only 10 more miles...

Tomorrow I will be running a half which I have done essentially zero training for.  Well wait a minute, I suppose I have done some yoga and a few 3 mile runs here and there, so I should be good....right?  It's only 10 more miles after that!!

This will either be a disaster, or an accomplishment to show me that I don't have to obsessively plan and train for my half and full marathons any more.  We shall see.  (Wish me luck!!)

ps...we are camping the night before and night after.  Seriously...wish me luck and have a beer ready at the finish line  ;)


  1. aaaaah, good luck!

  2. Hope your run went well! I bet you kicked its' butt! :)

  3. hope your half marathon went well today!! i just made you have 100 followers congrats :-)

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