ABC & Lifetime Sure Know Cheesy Christmas

I have to be honest.  I LOVE me some ABC family-Hallmark-Lifetime Christmas movies.  They are nothing but complete cheesiness, but I just can't help myself.  This season, my absolute fav was the Twelve Dates of Christmas.  Anyone besides the other 14-year-olds see this one?  It is like ground hog day but subtract the awkward and so not sexy Bill Murray and substitue the super cute Zach Morris. Anything that gives a flash back to Saved By The Bell (or 90210) is an automatic Gem in my book. 

My Top 5 Made for TV Christmas Movies:
1.  Twelve Dates of Christmas

2.  Christmas Do Over

3.  Desperately Seeking Santa

4.  Twelve Men of Christmas

5.  Santa Baby (1 AND 2)


  1. I love the ABC lineup. I have even been caught watching when the kids aren't home. :)

  2. I'm with you and love the cheesy Christmas movies. Unfortunately, they make my husband hurl, so I'm always fighting for the remote.

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