Top Gifts for this Thirty Year Old

Thanks to my family and friends, I am blessed with these Must Have gifts for a 30 year old.

1.  Cowboy Boots - Now I am not just a girl who rides a mechanical bull, but also one with super cute boots!! 

2.  Nano - I LOVE music.  Love love love.  My Jams seriously complete my day.  And so my original Nano was slowly dying after 5 years of daily use.  Now I can rock it out to this tiny nano.  

3.  Yoga Mat - A new yoga mat makes yoga practice just that much better.

4.  Super cute Orange Watch - Sorry Elle Woods, but Orange IS the new pink!

5.  Super soft zip up - perfect to wear while running, to yoga, or just around.

6.  Inspirational bracelet - from  Loving this!!!

7.  Super cute cardigan.  Perfect for the future teacher to wear!

8.  Tim Tebow Book - Yes, you will all be shocked....I actually did not own this book yet.  HOWEVER....this one is in the works to get signed!!  Gator Guy and Mr. T are the best!!!  I just hope that Timmy signs it with his digits so we can hang out asap.  


9.  Beer of the Month Club - What more could a girl ask for than some micro brew delivered straight to our house!!!   (Thanks Dree!!)

10.  Bronco Tickets - Ok, I'm the jerk that completely forgot to include my Bronco tickets on this post originally.    So a BIG thank you to Dree and my Bestie for your very generous gift.  You clearly know the way to my heart  ;)  But really, the game was the perfect way to conclude my bday week!!


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