Dear Twenties,

It is quite sad to say goodbye to you, but I must say that I feel pretty damn good about what we have accomplished during our time together.  First and foremost, we made it through college.  And don't let anyone judge us on the fact that it took 5 years.  Because we all know we have that semester in Australia and ridiculously cheap Fort Collins drinks to blame for that.  We also made it through multiple knee injuries, surgeries, and know that the best way to be on crutches and not give up your beer is to attach a red solo cup to one crutch ( is brilliant).  Twenties, we river danced on top of bars, broke records on the mechanical bull, and learned to perfect the air guitar. 

But by far the best years together occurred after those crazy college days and began with the "I Do" to Gator Guy.  I know, it's cheesy, but it's the simple truth.  With you, we bought a house and extended our family with the most perfect little boy ever!!!  Twenties, you showed that the most important thing in life is family and the loved ones around us.  And even the burbs have the best Par-Tay on a Friday night with neighbors, dominos pizza, and drinks.  You either extended my childhood friendships or introduced me to the most amazing girlfriends that I know will be in my life forever.  You gave me the confidence to know that I can run marathons, be a working Mom, work out enough to still indulge in that IPA, and take a risk with a passionate career change to begin teaching. 

So thank you Twenties.  I do believe our time together was well worth it and I hope you feel as I do that we are parting ways on good terms.  I don't leave with any regrets and I....We loved and we lived.  



Dear Thirties, 

We have started our time together on the right foot by watching Clueless (Yes thank you morning TV for showing that Gem), taking a kick-my-ass yoga sculpt class, dancin it out to Tony Toni Tone and other awesome 90s music, a margarita before noon, some shopping, and now a tall IPA as I wait for Gator Guy to come home for dinner. 

Thirties - I must say that there are stories that intimidate me.   But honestly, I think we are going to be great together. 

However, I must ask....Please be nice.  I hear that our hangovers together will suck big time.  So remember that this will never prohibit me from an IPA during the game or glass of wine with the girls.  So just please be nice.  




  1. love it, happy birthday! here's to the 30s! :)

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