Be Here Now

This morning in yoga, it was all about rinsing out the past, accepting the future and to just Be Here Now.  Be here now...that is a difficult concept for me.  As I'm sure most of us may struggle with it, my mind runs a million miles per hour and I have a hard time slowing it down to just Be Here Now.  I know I can even take in a lesson from Mr. T who does not care at all about what happened yesterday or where we are going tomorrow.  He is always in the moment.  Always here now. 

I once read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhard Tolle.  It is challenge for me to leave the past behind and extremely difficult not to obsessively plan the future.  I remember the book being interesting and eye opening at times.  So perhaps it is time to bring that book out again in this transitional part of my life and with a little yoga flow I will be ready to rock 2012
OK Yes....2012 is going to ROCK.  I begin Tuesday as a student teacher and I am beyond excited.  Holy Cow....My dreams to work with my passion is finally here!!!  

So enjoy a little Charles Brown jam with me and here is to Bringing in a Brand New Year!


  1. I think as Moms we all have this problem. We try to prepare for everything, thinking if we are once caught without the special juice sippy cup or an extra coat for the kids we are doing a bad job. And god forbid we look like we don't have it all together at every given moment, right?

    Add to this that I find it is extremely frustrating to be a step mom of a teenager, who has every imaginable techno-gadget attached to him at all times to avoid being here now.


    It's a vicious circle.

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