The Stare Down and Black Hole Sun

Yesterday at yoga, we were asked to completely step out of our comfort zone....And to make connections.  We partnered up with someone we did not know and sat on ONE mat with our knees touching.  Yes...awkward.  And when the class finally got all the awkard giggles out of the way we stared into each other's eyes. 

Just stared.  And probably for a full 4 minutes.  Now, that's a really long time to look into someone's eyes, let alone someone I did not know a single thing about.  All I knew about my partner was her name was Maria and well...she must like yoga.  But I can still picture Maria's eyes and I almost feel like I do know her better now, and not just because we both like yoga and happened to show to this class.  I have seen Maria in many classes before, but I am certain that I will now see her in a different light after 4 minutes of the stare down. 

Now that I think about it....I don't know if it have ever looked into Gator Guy's eyes for a solid 4 minutes.  Or really anyone aside from staring competitions when I was 12.  Guess what is on our agenda for our next hot date Gator Guy??? 

I also loved in class this version of Black Hole Sun by the Section Quartet. 


  1. Gay....

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