Must Haves for Mama: 0-3 Months

Last week I posted what my Must Haves for the babe months 0-3 were.  Looking back there are definitely some must haves that I had to have for myself:

1.  Comfortable clothes - non maternity:  I was definitely sick of all the maternity clothes, especially the pants.  The Greatest Mom in the World ran to Target and Old Navy right after we got home to pick me up some Lg sweat pants and underwear.  Yes, I needed larger underwear!

2.  Breast pads:  I remember looking at the box and thinking, wow, these come in packs from 36-100, can I just get 10?  I don't think I will go though all 100.  Umm....I now know the answer is Yes.  At least all 36!  Get em and use them!

3.  Rocking Chair - with a high head:  Not sure the best way to describe this, but while shopping for rocking chairs, we chose this one mostly because of the size.  Mr. T's room was small and the cute sofa chairs would be way too overpowering.  However, hindsight 20/20...Loved my chair because I could rest my head back during those many many late night feedings.

4.  Lanolin Breast Cream - This cream is a definite Must Have.  And is completely safe for the babe to feed just after application.  My suggestion - buy two.  One for home and one for the diaper bag.  This brand is good too.  I had both and liked both. 

5.  Lotion:  Yes the stretch mark zone was gone, but my skin definitely needed some additional lotion.  I loved this Milk lotion from Ulta.

6.  Medela Sleep Bra:  I was not a fan at all of the breast feeding bras or tank tops.  Seems like the holes or slits always seemed to be in the wrong place or rub.  I stuck with just normal bras, sports bras, and built in bra tank tops.  However, this sleep breastfeeding bra was very comfortable (ps...just don't put it in the dryer...will definitely shrink!)

7.  Breast Pump:  Definitely a must have, but my advice - Wait until you know breastfeeding is going to work before making the big purchase.  Sometimes it just doesn't work out and it is definitely worth sending out Grandma or the Hubby to pick this one up after wards.  I know this is very hard to wait for some of us control-planning freaks!

8.  Cooling Breast Pads:  I know it sounds crazy, but if you can find a gel pack for heat and cold that would be great!!  I used both!

9.  A good Camera:  Because let's face it...the babe will be the cutest-most-precious-thing you will ever lay your eyes on and instantly love.  And you will quickly take hundreds and hundreds of pics! 

Here's some of my favorites from the first 3 months:


  1. I also had to have blackout curtains on my bedroom window so I could sleep at 3 p.m... or whenever Tori would let me.

    Those cute!

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