Most Dramatic Season Yet

Golly Gee Jake...the Bachelor season has officially begun!! 

Yes, Chris Harrison (or Marky Mark as My Dearest A and I use to call him...long story) has told us that this is going to be the Most Dramatic Season of the Bachelor Yet.  And by looking at the teasers...I must say that I totally agree!!   I know...they are just teasers, but come one.  Even Pleasantville Jake gets mad and kicks his way out of the interview.

Chris Harrison's blog says, "It was very unfortunate that two adults decided to selfishly make the decisions they made. They forced me and the show into a very tough spot. It had to be dealt with and next week you’ll see exactly what I mean."  And yes, I heard today on E!News that one of the contestants had slept with a producer.  Scandalous!!  I cannot wait to watch this one unfold.

But this quickly reminded me of something.   I have heard of this story before.  Bachelor contestant sleeps with (or falls in love with) crew member/producer...

Got it...

Back in college, my roommate, My Dearest A, and I were obsessed with the movie:  I Wanna Marry Ryan Banks.  Yes this movie was not only on you can imagine the quality...but it featured Jason Priestley.  (Love-me-some-Dylan-McKay-Donna-Martin-Gradutes-9-0-2-1-0).  And so, as I googled this long last should-be-award-winning movie, I noticed two things:

1) The girl in I Wanna Marry Ryan Banks, Charlie, was totally in 90210 too!!  I am sure that I realized that at the time, but still, just reminds me again of how awesome that drama is and how the season DVDs are a must on my next Christmas list.

2) The Crew Member is none other than...The Hangover's Bradley Cooper.  Now, I have always had a little crush on Coop since his Failure to Launch and Wedding Crashers days.  But now that he's bigger and better...let's just take a moment to enjoy:
(Why was I not at WaterWorld this day...Dammit!!)

And yes he even looks sexy all beat up, dirty, and....well....hungover.

Reminds me of another Brad that even looked good in while eating chips in Ocean's 11.  I tried to find a picture of that exact scene, but trust me... you know the one ladies.  Only a Brad can look sexy hungover or while eating chips.

Heeellllooooo Brads....


  1. Mmmmm, thanks for the yummy pictures to start my day! These make me happy!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is great, too! Always good to have another Gator stop by! :)

  3. Great pictures...Those guys make my day!

  4. Thank you :) you should look at that emo boy style at this blog:

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