The Shed: Months 1-3

How did I do it:
So yes, it was definitely a slow start.  I had expected to be out running in a couple of weeks, forgetting the fact that most doctors tell you to wait for exercising until 6 weeks.  So feeling how different my body was post baby, I was in total Shock!  I did desperately asked my Dr for the clear to start working out before the six week mark.  He said, "Just stick with what you know, don't push yourself, and listen to your body."  DONE.  

1.  Get Moving:  I have always been amazed at how much weight contestants lose during the first week on the Biggest Loser.  Not that I was a 400 pound mother, but I took the same reasoning.  Normally, 10 minutes of stretching or walking a few blocks was not a "work out" to me.  But during the first few weeks...oh it counted!!  Every damn step!!

2. Write it Down:  I keep track of all work outs in a Google Calendar.   Super easy, I can check it when I check my email, and I can "share" it with Gator Guy to keep me on task and hold me accountable.  As I just now looked back to my work out calendar, I saw that my first "work out" was during week Three.  This week consisted of: 

    • Monday - 10 min work out video
    • Wednesday - 1 mile walk
    • Thursday - 20 min Jillian work out video
    • Friday - 20 min on Arc Train (similar to an elliptical)
So as you can see...BABY STEPS.  But the fact that I wrote it down helped me see the progress I was making.

3.  Pick it Up:  Just shortly after my "take-it-easy-work-outs", I began...TurboJam!!!  This truly was a challenge (and a lot of fun too).  I was shocked at how my core muscles turned to MUSH...absolute Mush. You would think that carrying around my Octo-momish-belly would have strengthen something.  That's a Negative Ghost Rider.  And so, Chalene Johnson, her perky encouragement, and crazy dance moves really got me moving and the pounds dropped quickly!

4.  Make the Time:  I was always so worried if I would have the time to work out, get everything done, and be a mom.  But the truth is, you just Make the Time.  Some of you are probably thinking that I must not be as busy as you are.  And that may be true, but it was important to make working out a priority for both myself and Gator Guy.  Between going to the gym, working out at home, going for runs, and adding the flexibility to do this at any time of the day (including after Mr. T goes to bed) just how we Made the Time.

5.  Know your Numbers I didn't want to be obsessive about it (like how Gator Guy weighs himself before and after going to the bathroom just to laugh at how much he just "dropped off"....I know...Gross).  But I did weigh myself on Tuesdays.  Biggest Loser Tuesdays.  I figured there is nothing like sitting in front of the TV for TWO WHOLE HOURS to remind myself that I need to get my butt off the couch and weigh in.  I would also record measurements of my arms, legs, boo-tay, and waist.  And yes the waist included a standing-up-straight-Posture-Measurement" (a.k.a. suck it in as if I was out in public), and the relaxed-no-one-is-looking measurement. 

Finally, By month 3 my workouts (4-5 times per week) consisted of:
    • Turbo Jam
    • Boot camp class at our local rec center (1 hour of kicking my ass!)
    • Back to running (1-3 miles).  Did this with and without my IronMan Jogger.  I would even throw in curls with the jogger, lunges and all kinds of extras to do on the road with Mr. T
    • Yoga (Someday I will get to be a yoga champ like my good friend E, but for now, its here and there and helps me relax)
    • Stairclimber (walking up straight, turning to each side, and then backwards will get all different sides of your legs.)
    • Stationary Bike
    • Weight lifting (however, during month 3, most of my weights were during my boot camp class


  1. I am going to refer to this gem of a post in April.
    You look GREAT!!! You should be so proud of yourself!

  2. Your dedication is awesome! I have a 4 month old and I find it hard finding the time and the motivation. Signing up for classes helped.

    Congrats on your post-baby body!

  3. I'm all about trying out new videos. I'd like to try the Turbo Jam. You are right, it starts with baby steps. Congrats on your weight loss.

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